Belting Conveyors at C-Trak

Our second blog is all about Belt Conveyor Systems and how they can help you with your material handling of your products.

Fabricated in Stainless Steel for the food industry with food quality belts. We have a FAQ section on our Belt Conveyors which will help you to see what the conveyors can and cant do.

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Belt Up with C-Trak

Belt Up with C-Trak


C-Trak Belt Conveyors

Todays post is about our Belt Conveyor Systems. We have been manufacturing belt conveyors for over 30 years and can provide you with a bespoke belt conveyor solution tailor made for your products. Why not give us a call so we can quote you a cost effective system to save you time and money.

We can integrate a Conveyor into your existing production line with the minimum of disruption to your process.

Quality conveyor products efficient, hard wearing and we are very competative with our prices.

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C-Trak Food Conveyors


I thought I would kick off are first news blog on our main product which are food conveyors.


What is so different about C-Trak food conveyor specifications?


  • Hygiene is one of the most important factors for a food factory with cleanliness being the “C” word.
  • C-Trak food conveyors are fabricated in stainless steel with food grade belting.
  • Providing conveyors to have the easy wash down which is imperative in a food factory.
  • C-Trak Ltd conveyors can withstand hot and cold temperatures wet and dry application depending on your product.


Why not give us a call on 01525 850316 and let one of our experienced sales engineers do the work for you. Assess your food handling production line and advice you on the best possible solution saving you on labour costs and human error.

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C-Trak Food Conveyors

C-Trak Food Conveyors